Our Deepest Regards

by The New Death Show

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released February 12, 2005

Written, performed and recorded by The New Death Show
Michael Sanchez / guitar, keyboards, samples, microphone
Davidson Burnam / drums, keyboards, guitars, samples, jazzaphone
Copyright Death & Texas 2005



all rights reserved


The New Death Show Seattle, Washington

The New Death Show was an experimental pop/rock band from 1995 to 2003. A four-piece band originating in Delaware, the group finally settled in Seattle, Washington as a duo consisting of Michael Sanchez on guitar, keyboards and microphone and Davidson Burnam on drums, keyboards and jazzaphone. ... more

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Track Name: Timber
I swear
when that tree
fell on me
I thought it would hurt more than it did

And everyone around me
stood in shock and said
"You should be dead."

Granted I did feel a little lightheaded
like I was floating above everybody else

Standing there with their flannels and sad faces
I swear I never heard the word "timber"
Track Name: Hg
Word is bond
Actions break
Don't you dare
Be so hasty

Do what you say you'll do

(What're you doing?)

Curved, red, bent
At the neck
Shine your
Shine your
Shine your

Broken switch
Throw you away

Fan the fame
Once more
Once more
Once more

Breaker switch
Trial and errors
Track Name: Gk
Well, you're telling me
that the things I'm hearing might
as well be true

Evidence is stacked
up against it all the facts
point right to you

But I've had my share of mistakes
my share of fun
my share of mistakes
my share
Track Name: Fifty Hours
Leaving late
Hadn't seen that view before
Our eyes weighed down by fifty hours
Fifty hours

How long has it been?
Time passes with no regard
How long has it been?
Time passes, unmerciful